Days of Percussion. Italy - Beurskens Music Publishing

BEURSKENS MUZIEKUITGEVERIJ ( BEURSKENS MUSIC PUBLISHER) is located in the south of Netherlands. We are specialized in all kinds of percussion music, from soloists to big percussionensembles. We provide also Drumcorps, marchingbands, and flourish.

We have beautiful compositions from well known composers. For example:

For Marimba, we publish works from Ludwig Albert, Chin Cheng Lin and Leo Ouderits.
For Vibraphon, we publish works from A.Pushkarev and P.Cimmino.
For Timpani/Kettledrums we publish works from D. Jones and D.Papadimitriou.
For Percussion we publish works from H. Beurskens, W.Mertens and M.Mordant.
For Drumset we publish works from L.Kaiser, M.Rongen and H.v.Moisy.
For Snare drum we publish works from H.v. Dulm, M.Beurskens and J.Conjaerts.

This is just a small selection of all our Composers.

We are present with our STAND on many percussion events and marimba competitions in many countries through Europe.
Naturally by Giornate della Percussione - Days of Percusssion Italy in Montesilvano , Italy. We kindly invite you to visit our STAND, and contact us for more information.

Write an e-mail to percussion beurskens! Hans Beurskens, Owner and managing Director.