RAWI Percussion Publications

Rawi Percussion Publications

Ruud Wiener, born in Holland, was a student at the Tilburg and Rotterdam Conservatory in Holland. He studied piano and percussion. Contact with David Friedman led to further emphasis on the vibraphone.
Ruud was employed at the Rotterdam and Maastricht Conservatory as mallet instructor between 1981 and 1991.
His first compositions are compiled in two volumes, titled "Six Solos for Vibraphone" , which have become a standard in mallet percussion music. His teaching credits were confirmed by invitations from many European conservatories and from the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo.
Since 2003 he has been invited by several american universities and conservatories, such as Carnegie Mallon University Pittsburgh, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He was a founding member of the New Percussion Group of Amsterdam, for which group he composed several pieces. With this group he was closely involved as composer, performer and producer in the CD production of " Go Between ", on which he can be heard in his composition , featuring british drummer Bill Bruford. On the same CD Keiko Abe performs the premiere of " Marimba Spiritual " by Minoru Miki, which piece was specially written for the group and Keiko Abe. Both compositions were premiered at the legendary Concert Gebouw Hall in Amsterdam and have become standards worldwide.
Several leading Percussion Groups play his compositions; among them The Percussion Group Amsterdam, The Swiss Percussion Ensemble, Amores (Spain), Percussion Group JU, Taiwan and Synergy from Australia.
His performing credits include work with classical orchestras and contemporary ensembles such as The Concertgebouw Orchestra, The Metropole Orchestra and the Xenakis Ensemble, as well as with improvising artists. Many performances on lokal and national European radio and TV broadcasting. Several performances with modern dance groups, several commisions for compositions. Theatre tours with Dutch Percussion Group "Slagerij van Kampen", and composer of some of the van Kampen's musical works as well.
Besides performing and teaching presently through Europe, the USA, Central- and South-America, China and Russia, Ruud Wiener is publishing his own compositions.
RAWI Percussion Publications is originated from Pustjens Percussion Publications, and has been taken over by Ruud Wiener.
RAWI publishes exclusively the works of the composer himself.
Ruud Wiener plays ABC Mallets since the establishment of the ABC Company.
Come to meet Ruud Wiener, talk about the compositions, find out more about the ABC mallet-series or ask for a special composition.....