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The choice of mallets defines the personality of a musician and allows the expression of his musicality and creativity. Founded in 1989, the RESTA-JAY company designs and manufactures high quality percussion mallets for musicians, schools and orchestras around the world.

Our workshop offers a unique way of manufacturing which enables the adaptation of each mallet to the needs and preferences of percussionists. In 2014, Resta-Jay percussions was labeled "Living Heritage Company" (EPV label) by the French State. This recognition distinguishes French companies to craft skills of excellence attached to the high performance of their business and their products.

Creation and innovation are at the center of our concerns. Each year, new materials, more efficient, are created and tailored for use in the manufacture of our mallets. This is how you can discover the prestige series for vibraphone ensuring elegance, expressiveness and sound projection.

Our close relationship with musicians and international soloists and teachers allows the development of many models. Among them, the models "signatures". Symbiosis between the experience of an artist and the one of a craftsman, these mallets synthesize every personality and enable them using different musical worlds.

Signatures artists : Jean Geoffroy, Emmanuel Séjourné, Momoko Kamiya, Philippe Spiesser, Johan Bridger, Lin Chin Cheng, Nicolas Martynciow, Franck Agulhon, Gert François, Marie-Ange Petit, Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille, Jean-Michel Davis, Thierry Bonneaux, Thomas Dobler, Vincent Limouzin, Norbert Lucarain, Bart Quartier, David Patrois, Jeffery Davis...

Resta-Jay is willing to be a full participant in the evolution of musical language for which percussion plays an increasingly important role and wants to offer you more than sticks,the creation of your sound!

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Mallets of Resta-Jay
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