Days of Percussion. Italy - TreeHouse Drums

TreeHouse Custom Drums, located in Topeka, Kansas in the United States, has been providing professional drums to clients worldwide since 2001.

Master fabricator Derek Sharp, along with the rest of the TreeHouse crew, build custom-made drums for players of all ages, styles, and skill levels. With diverse customers ranging from touring Broadway musicals to local high schools, college bands to the US Army Band, symphony orchestras to local & global musicians, TreeHouse Drums show up on stages and in studios all over the planet.

Besides typical drumsets for rock and jazz, TreeHouse makes much more. Concert Snare Drums and Concert Tom Sets, Cocktail Sets (which are drumsets players use while standing), Tupans (East European ethnic rope-tuned bass drums), Surdos (Brazilian marching drums), and Tube Toms (usually used to augment drumsets) round out the diverse offerings from TreeHouse.

TreeHouse Custom Drums are made in the basement workshop of a retail music store called Supersonic Music where overhead is low so customer pricing is low for custom drums built just the way players want them. Instead of a "factory," think, "workshop." Each drum is handled by no more than three people, each with their own specialties, who are passionate about quality and craftsmanship.

While TreeHouse has been producing drums for about fifteen years, the last three years have really blossomed with the addition of the new Compact Nesting Kit. The drums in this standard drumset stack like "Russian Dolls" all into one drum, all fitting in one case, which allows drummers to get in and out of the gig in one trip. A standard bass drum case with a backpack for hardware and a cymbal bag lets the artist move everything for the show in one trip. They fit in taxi cabs, on subways, under planes, and in the backseat for transportation, but open to become real full-size drum sets.

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