Marimba Competition 2017

Italy PAS is a truly great experience and service to the percussion community. Casey Cangelosi

19th to 24th September 2017


Welcome Marimbists, Teachers, Artists, Students...! Here we put together a summary of the most important information regarding this years marimba competition. Feel free to click on the info-boxes to find out more. Details about the rules are linked down there. The search option works really good - and if that does not work - contact us via facebook or mail .

Marimba Competition


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Cat A Cat B Cat C
max. 18 19 - 25 26 - 32

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Registration fee for the Competition is 100€. Each competitor can participate in more than one section. The subsequent registrations fee is 70€.

Informations regarding the PAYMENT you find in the Rules.
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The price of a "Full-Pass" for the masterclasses of the Days of Percussion starts for competitors at 80 €. It can be purchased along with the subscription

Costs - details see here.

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subscribe online 4th June 2017
sending documents 18th June
sending own repertoire list 31st July

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Repertoire List

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Compete... learn... develop...

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"Compete... learn... develop..."

Italy PAS wants to inspire, educate, and support percussionists and drummers throughout the world. So we created a framing of the competition, in which one may attend masterclasses, clinics and concerts: The Days of Percussion Italy - They are about meeting your jurymembers as teachers and performers, getting in contact with new concepts and ideas from international artists, discovering more about beeing a performer and last but not least getting into a trans-cultural exchange with percussionists and drummers from almost all over the world. As a competitor of the Italy Percussion Competition you get a high discount for the "Full-Pass". Discover the!

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We are really content - that you found the way to our events. The marimba-competition will be held during the 13th to the 18 September. At the same time the days of percussion italy - are going to be hosted by us: masterclasses, concerts, the big showroom and people from almost all over the world. All the members of the juries and invited guests are giving classes or perform concerts. Get into the cultural exchange and a very special percussion experience!