Days of Percussion Italy - Masterclasses

Days of Percussion is a great place for young talented percussion students to go and meet other percussion students. It is important for the students to measure himself to other and get inspiration for their development, and at the same time make friendship in these wonderful surrounding where the festival takes place. Kai Stensgaard

Here you find details about the masterclasses of the previous edition 2016. It was real joy and enriching to listen to that great masters of percussion! We are already looking forward to the festival in 2017 - from the 19th to the 24th September!

John H. Beck

Masterclass of John H. Beck: "concepts for timpani"

Sergio Bellotti

"It's Crucial To Groove" - Open to All (instrumentalists and Vocalists) this workshop will give the participants practical tools ...

Murat Coşkun

Traditional and innovative Turkish Rhythms In his masterclass Murat will focus on traditional and innovative Turkish Rhythms...

David Friedman

"The Expressive Possibilities of the "Untempered" Vibraphone.

Dom Famularo

Dom Famularo´s - hand and feet techniques!

Vera Figueiredo


This clinic is like a photo album of Vera’s soul: intense, full of beautiful Brazilian landscapes which can be heard in her music. Go on a journey...

Anders Åstrand

Visit the masterclass of Anders Åstrand! Learn about his ideas how to touch the vibraphone and do art.

Claus Hessler

"In his masterclass Claus will focus on Moeller technique (being a master student of legendary Jim Chapin), open-handed playing...

Momoko Kamiya

Return to basic...

Iñaki Martín

PERCUSSION ACCESSORIES: TAMBOURINE, CASTANETS AND TRIANGLE The importance of the Tambourine, Castanets and Triangle creative tools for the modern percussionist...

Isao Nakamura

There is no percussion without the percussionist. Isao Nakamura will talk about concepts regarding care-ful percussion...

Andrei Pushkarev

The sound - the stage - the interpretation Andrei Pushkarev is going to teach about that important topics.

Eric Sammut

The masterclass is about... learning through improvisation...

Pei-Ching Wu

Visit the masterclass - The Art of Six Mallets Marimba Performance of Pei-Ching Wu.

Every edition of the Italy Percussion Competition & the "Days of Percussion Italy" we, the Italy Percussive Arts Society, host clinics & masterclasses for you. Since 2003 we arrange an educational program with a wide spectrum of perspectives regarding percussion. We want to offer you a multicultural, high professional and intresting experience. Listening, watching, experience firsthand our "Masters" and having the opportunity to ask the questions one brings with one - is a situation we want to create... ! So write down your questions and ideas, bring those with you to our event & make the days of percussion even better!

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