We welcome you to Italy Percussive Arts Society!


Italy Percussive Arts Society is a non-profit-cultural-organization. We are part of the world wide network of "Percussive Arts Society".

We want to inspire, educate, and support percussionists and drummers throughout the world.

Our Motivation: we love percussion

What drives our our effort to a climax is the idea of sharing musical, cultural, educational and inspiring concepts  with people all over the world.

Our Devotion

Working for that, the Italy Percussive Arts Society devotes its work

  • to disseminate percussion literature
  • to elevate the quality of education and technic
  • to interchange regarding percussion.

The fundamental principles of our work

We want to encourage art and music, through community-oriented respectful and appreciative action.

Italy Percussion Competition - 21th Edition
Percussive Arts Web Contest - 8th Edition
Days of Percussion - 20th Edition

The Days of Percussion Italy & Italy Percussion Competition.

...are organized by the Italy Percussive Arts Society since 2003. Our events are about music, art, sharing & the love to percussion. In 2015 we started to organize the PAW-Contest - the "Percussive Arts Web Contest".

We are looking forward to the 21th Edition of our "Percussion Competition" and "Days of Percussion Italy" from 20 September 2024 to 20 November 2024