Multi Percussion Competition

Italy Percussion Competition 21th Edition

20th September 2024 to 20th November 2024


Welcome Teachers, Artists, Students...! Here we put together a summary of the most important information regarding this years marimba competition. Feel free to click on the info-boxes to find out more. Details about the rules are linked down there. The search option works really good - and if that does not work - contact us via facebook or mail.


Percussion - Marimba, Vibraphone Classic, Timpani, Multi Percussion, Snare Drum and Drum Set

Cat. A: max. 19 years old

Cat. B: from 20 to 26 years old

Cat. C: from 27 to 36 years old

Percussion - Vibraphone Jazz

Cat. J: max. 39 years old


Registration fee for the Competition is 120€ NET.

Each competitor can participate in more than one section. The subsequent registrations fee is 60€ NET.

NET (excluding the bank transfer cost)


Deadline for application: 7th JULY 2024
Deadline for documentation: 7th JULY 2024


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Subscriptions are open from 21th gennaio to 07th luglio 2024

Iscrizioni aperte dal 21 gennaio al 07 luglio 2024